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Stacks of Angle Rings at Haltom Industries.

At Haltom Industries, We Maintain an Inventory of Angle Rings Suitable for Any Standard Diameter.

At Haltom Industries, we stand as the nationwide choice for ductwork solutions. We offer a full range of angle rings and KwikFlanges, and maintain standard inventory of a broad range of sizes. We also offer duct accessories like gaskets and blast gates to ensure optimal control over your facility’s duct system. For whatever the role assigned to your ducts, from HVAC delivery to exhaust systems, we make sure that you have the rock-solid connections and impermeability needed for efficient operation.

Our products and customer service set a new standard for excellence. Our experienced, trained, and helpful technicians have several decades of combined experience in our specialized industry. Should you need custom angle rings, or anything we can produce on our custom metal rollers, we provide a rapid response and fast manufacturing times. At the end of the day, we strive to offer service great enough to warrant your recommendation. We also will never consider a transaction complete until we exceed every possible expectation. To learn more or inquire about our products, give us a call at 817-770-0811.

Haltom Industries for Ductwork Solutions

The team at Haltom Industries stands as the preferred choice for heavy-duty duct connectors and related services. We specialize in two primary products, angle rings and KwikFlanges, and offer unbeatable prices along with an extensive inventory of each.

  • Angle Rings: Our on-hand inventory of angle rings is simply unmatched. When it comes to 14-inch or smaller rings, we utilize a proprietary process that allows us to offer products at a truly unbeatable price. We produce larger rings on our metal rollers, and can realize precise measurements, true right angles, and a tight fit to secure your ductwork.
  • KwikFlanges: If angle ring or slip fit connections are not suitable for your ducts, we offer an ideal alternative with our KwikFlanges. If you’re looking to save money, you can furthermore employ KwikFlanges as an economical joint solution that takes little effort to install.

In addition to these, we offer a range of supplemental services and products. For any ductwork needs whatsoever, turn to the experts at Haltom Industries.

Custom Rolled Metal: With our metal rollers, we can produce practically anything you need rendered out of sheet metal. We also manufacture custom sized angle rings to suit any ductwork or piping.

Flat Oval: Have oval-shaped ducts? We’ve got you covered. Our flat oval rings are produced at the correct diameter, then cut in half and re-welded with a straight length of metal in between. Haltom Industries offers these in both angle iron and 18 gauge flanges for your needs. We have a great deal of experience in this process, and create an exceptional product.

Gaskets and Blast GatesThese supplemental products round out our main offerings. For a truly airtight seal, you need properly-sized gaskets for your duct or piping connections. As for blast gates, we offer these products to your specifications, with both half and whole varieties to suit your needs.

To learn more about Haltom Industries, don’t hesitate to call us today at 817-770-0811. Regardless of your location of the size of your project, we’re the top-tier, nationwide solution for angle rings, KwikFlanges, and custom rolling.