Blast Gates for Industrial Ductwork

Industrial Ductwork that Likely Has a Blast Gate or Two.

We Can Serve the Blast Gate Needs of Any Industrial System.

At Haltom Industries, we provide for a wide range of blast gates for both industrial duct systems and any custom need. If you have an industrial duct or dust collection setup, you absolutely need gates to have complete control of your system. Gates can provide for added safety and greater control over operating costs of your HVAC or other system. Gates exist in full and half sizes, with either automatic or manual operation. At Haltom Industries, we specialize in a particular variety known as a blast gate.

A blast gate is a fully-fabricated unit that benefits from completely welded housing for increased strength and an airtight seal. Operated with a sealed rod, blast gates are recommended for a couple of different operations. The airtight capability makes these types of gates ideal for dust collection, or systems that contain a great deal of moisture. As your total solution for ductwork and piping accouterments and connectors, Haltom Industries remains prepared to supply quality blast gates to clients located anywhere in the country. To learn more or place an order, give us a call today at 817-770-0811.

How a Blast Gate Works

At Haltom Industries, we can provide a blast gate at practically any size. Made from sturdy aluminum, our standard blast gates are kept in stock in both whole and half sizes, from 2 to 22 inches. The manner in which you employ a blast gate depends on the nature of your duct or pipe system. A blast gate is normally employed to control a particular branch in your system, the run to certain machines, or to achieve overall balance. To permit tolerance on the precise diameter of your duct, whole gates have a tapered collar. Half gates, on the other hand, typically see employment as a retrofit element for systems that need a 180 degree section sliced from the duct. In these systems, the gate’s collar is meant to rest astride the duct.

As a tool to control your duct systems, blast gates can serve a variety of purposes.

  • Close off lines that are not in use to save energy
  • Block lines to enhance the vacuum effect elsewhere
  • Achieve maximum debris or dust extraction at a particular point
  • Controlled runs to particular machines
Vent in a Duct System That Could Utilize a Blast Gate.

We Can Provide Customized Blast Gates for Any Size System.

In addition to standard aluminum, blast gates come available in stainless or carbon steel, and have angle rings or rolled collars, dependent on what you need. At Haltom Industries, we exist to provide total solutions for the control of your ductwork. In addition to a standard blast gate, there exist other types of gates suitable for a variety of purposes.

Half Gate: These gates are fully formulated from dependable aluminum, and offer a convenient way to control your air stream without the need for a complicated installation. Whereas a full gate requires the removal of a duct to install, half gates simply sit astride a duct. This means that, after you cut a slit in your duct to permit the entrance of the blade, the only installation work required is proper alignment and attachment. If you need to retrofit an older system, the simply attachment procedure of half gates make them an excellent choice.

Full Gate: Constructed from cast aluminum and equipped with stainless steel or galvanized blades, a full gate provides for the smooth control of a duct. Easy to operate, you can simply lower the gate completely to cut off airflow, or leave it partially open to better direct and balance your flow of air. You can additionally lock a full gate in any given position via a thumb screw.

Custom Gates: If you have specially-sized or fabricated ducts, you can order a custom gate that will work  for just about any application. Regardless of the size or shape of your ductwork, a custom gate can provide you with all the benefits of controlled airflow.

Blast gates also come in both manual and automatic varieties. With the automatic gate, compressed air generally controls a pneumatic system that handles movement. Of course, manual gates are the more economical choice, though both kinds can provide for admirable control of your structure’s airflow or dust collection.

Industrial Ductwork Gates

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer in regard to blast gates, simply give us a call today at 817-770-0811. If you work in an industry that needs a reliably strong vacuum to extract the maximum amount of dust or debris from your duct system, then trust our team for the ready availability and supply of blast gates. Haltom Industries offers a full line of standard construction and customized blast gates. We also have a phenomenal team whose primary goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service. If you’ve yet to experience the Haltom Industries difference, give us a call today to discuss your needs, ask questions, or submit an order. At Haltom Industries, we’re the nationwide leader for quality blast gates.