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A Selection of Gasket, Including Some Suitable as a Duct Gasket

Gaskets Are a General Name for Seals Between the Juncture of Two Surfaces.

The seals and gaskets on your ductwork perform vital roles for the effectiveness of your system. With an HVAC, improperly sealed joints, flanges, flaps, or doors can lead to the escape of heated or cooled air. When this occurs, your HVAC will need to work harder to achieve a uniform temperature setting. This will lead the HVAC to demand more energy, which leads to an increase in your utility bill. The demand for greater performance also increases wear on an expensive system that represents a significant investment. In this way, deteriorated or missing gaskets can indirectly lead to an increased need of HVAC repair and, eventually, replacement. Since most owners of commercial facilities try their best to keep costs to a minimum, these consequences make clear the importance of effective gaskets.

At Haltom Industries, we can supply duct gaskets to clients located anywhere in the country. We stock a full supply of gaskets at various sizes, constructed from durable materials that will provide exceptional service over the long haul. When the time comes to design or retrofit your duct system, make sure that you don’t overlook the importance of quality gaskets. No one likes to waste money, much less someone involved in an industrial enterprise. Gaskets represent an easy and cost-effective way to improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC duct system. To learn more about what we offer at Haltom Industries, ask any questions, or plan an order for duct gaskets, give us a call today at 817-770-0811.

Role of a Duct Gasket

When the day comes to install new ductwork, modify your present system, or simply replace gaskets that have worn out, you must make sure to choose the right material. Many people will simply choose a neoprene gasket for every application. However, in some situations, a silicone or EPDM gasket may actually provide for better service. To choose the right gaskets for your system, you’ll need to consider the  functional needs. Gaskets accomplish three principle roles:

  • Allowance for contraction and expansion due to temperature changes
  • Reduced transmission of vibrations from fans and motors
  • Seal of doors, flaps, or opening panels

How to Choose the Right Gasket

Roll of Material Suitable as a Duct Gasket.

Sealants Come in a Variety of Different Materials, Including EPDM and Neoprene.

Contraction and Expansion: As an HVAC switches between cool and warm air functions, it can lead to expansion or contraction in your ductwork. The right variety of quality gasket will accommodate these changes while still providing a tight seal.

Reduced Transmission of Vibrations: Motors and fans will generate vibrations audible as a low, steady hum through ductwork . To prevent this annoyance, you’ll need proper gaskets installed at appropriate intervals through the system. A quality gasket will absorb any vibrations and stop their spread.

Tight Seals: Just about any duct system will contain openings, flanges, or blast gates. Regardless of how well-fitted these elements are, they will still provide for the escape of air and reduction of overall airflow. To prevent this, you’ll need gaskets capable of rendering a tight seal.

Environmental Concerns: If your ductwork exists in an area exposed to sunlight, you’ll need gaskets that can resist deterioration from UV radiation. Gaskets can also prevent the penetration of moisture through vulnerable areas of your ducts.

Gasket Materials

  • Neoprene and Thermoplastic Elastomers: These materials function at their best while soft and resistant to the effects of compression settling.
  • EPDM: Appropriate for areas with outdoor exposure, as EPDM resists the effects of sun deterioration. EPDM also provides resistance to other weathering elements, including moisture.
  • Silicone: When the contents of your ductwork, whether air or gas, possess a high temperature, silicone gaskets are especially effective.
  • Closed Cell Gaskets: Preferred for areas prone to moisture, or where air or gas simply cannot escape. Firmer than other types of gasket materials, closed cell gaskets will necessitate greater force to seal properly.

Concerns with Flange Gaskets

As specialists for angle rings and KwikFlanges, we understand the needs and requirements of flange gaskets. Despite the craftsmanship of our quality flanges, there still exists the need for gaskets. If flange faces possessed truly perfect smoothness, there would exist no need for gaskets. Flange faces would simply connect to one another with no gaps. Since perfect smoothness is impossible, your ductwork will necessitate gaskets at every point where flange faces meet. To satisfy this need appropriately, you’ll need to remain aware of a few concerns with flange gaskets.

Uneven Compression: Some joints present the problem of uneven compression of a gasket. Outer edges, for example, may suffer excess compression when compared to the inner edges. This can negatively impact the consistency of your seal.

Uniform Seals: In the absence of a truly uniform seal, gaskets cannot function at 100 percent efficiency. If your industry demands uniform seals across its flanges and other vulnerable areas, consider the installation of constant sealing stress gaskets. These include an incompressible metal component that presents a minimum gap filled with gasket material.

Uneven Loads: The pressure that a gasket must endure is known as sealing stress. The higher the pressure, the greater the stress that a gasket must resist. If the load becomes uneven across the breadth of a duct gasket, higher pressure that decreases somewhat can lead to gasket relaxation. If your ductwork contains high temperature air or gas, or contents with varying temperatures and vibration forces, you need to choose gaskets that can resist these factors. Otherwise, you will find yourself replacing gaskets more often, and coping with the effects of lowered efficiency across your ductwork system.

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