Signs You Need Duct Repair

Dirty Air Register Indicating the Need for Duct Repair.

Dust Around Your Air Registers Indicates a Need for Cleaning or Duct Repair.

Ductwork is an indispensable component of an HVAC system. Without quality, well-maintained air ducts, your HVAC would have no means to distribute conditioned air. Unfortunately, many home and business owners alike take their ducts for granted, and skimp on necessary, periodic maintenance. Air ducts allowed to deteriorate, however, will impede the functionality of your HVAC, make it work harder, and cost you money on monthly bills. To preserve both your ducts and the overall functionality of your HVAC, pay attention for the signs that indicate a need for duct repair.

Strange Odors

Odd or unpleasant odors stand as one of the clearest signals for duct repair or maintenance. If you ever notice a bad smell that seems pervasive throughout your facility, it must have its source in your air ducts. Bad smells can indicate different problems, including the presence of mildew or mold, or even a dead animal. Regardless, call a professional technician to come check it out.

Airflow Problems

Many things can lead to poor, restricted, or non-existent airflow from your HVAC. If you’ve noticed no airflow whatsoever, you either have a major leak, frozen AC coils, or a large obstruction somewhere in your ducts. To isolate the problem, you can identify rooms where the issue seems particularly prevalent. If you have airflow, but it seems restricted, there exist any number of possible causes. For example, air vents could have become blocked by furniture or rugs, or a nesting animal inside of your ducts.  Your ductwork might also have punctures, or become disconnected. Regardless, the easiest way to get to the bottom of airflow issues is to call for professional help.

Dents or Punctures

If you have exposed ductwork, make sure to perform regular visual inspections for any signs of damage. To preserve the condition of your system, make sure that nothing rests against or hangs from the ducts. Dents or small punctures may not seem like a huge problem, but they will nevertheless weaken your system and negatively impact its performance.

For a solution to any of these problems, call a local, trusted HVAC or ductwork contractor. For angle rings, Kwik Flanges, or any other component of a commercial duct system, trust in Haltom Industries. We’re a national leader for ductwork connections, and stand ready to serve at 817-770-0811.