KwikFlange Fabricator

A Selection of Flange Joints That Resemble the Kwik Flange.

KwikFlange Joints, Like Other Kinds of Flange Joints, Allow for Sturdy Duct Connections.

KwikFlange stands as a trademarked variety of vacuum flanges that provide an economical way to connect round ducts and secure them against lost airflow. These reusable, interfaced stainless steel fittings are suitable to secure both medium and larger diameter tubing. Economical and reusable, KwikFlanges can function in high vacuum environments, and resist pressure in the 1×10-8 Torr range. At Haltom Industries, we suggest the use of KwikFlanges when slip fit or angle ring connections are too expensive or inapplicable. Standard metal screws are suitable to connect a KwikFlange, and the overall installation process requires no welding. As a matter of fact, KwikFlanges are actually reusable, and create a solid joint to secure ducts or tubing with minimal effort.

At Haltom Industries, we recommend the use of KwikFlanges for any elevated application. They also provide an ideal solution for cost-conscious individuals who want sturdy, dependable joints at a low price. We proudly stock KwikFlanges in a wide array of sizes, suitable for tubing or ducts that range from 4″ to 50″ in diameter and are capable of rolling the flange to any large diameter. Our KwikFlanges come in single or 1″ to 2″ double wall and can be gotten loose or preassembled for ease of installation. As a nationwide fabricator of KwikFlanges, we continually maintain stock of various sizes to ensure constant availability for our clients. When you need the rapid delivery of a flange system for new construction ducts, or if you need to retrofit existing ducts or tubes, call the Haltom Industries experts at 817-770-0811 today. We can answer any questions you might have about KwikFlanges, and provide for quick shipment to get you the fittings you need.

The KwikFlange Solution

Businesses in many industries need a dependable duct system for everyday operational needs. The necessity of these systems does not mean they have to tax your budget, however. If your ducts are of the medium to large-size variety, or have an elevated installation, KwikFlanges present a perfect choice for economy-focused installers. KwikFlanges, available in a wide range of sizes, also allow for your choice in materials. Though we specialize in the sale of stainless steel KwikFlanges, these products do come in other materials, including:

Galvanized Steel: Somewhat cheaper than stainless steel, galvanized steel flanges require little maintenance and have a long life expectancy. Combined, these features make galvanized steel flanges a low-cost long term solution for flange connectors.

Galvanneal Steel: This material supports improved spot-welding, and has exceptional painting characteristics. Galvanneal achieves a smoother surface than other materials, and is also resistant to corrosion.

Stainless Steel: Our specialty, these highly durable stainless steel products resist both corrosion and deterioration from chemical exposure. If your industry involves the use of corrosive chemicals, stainless steel is a great choice for durable flange connections.

Aluminum: Extremely strong, aluminum KwikFlanges are also recyclable, and this material stands as an easy choice for environmentally-conscious clients. Aluminum is also highly lightweight.

At Haltom Industries, we’re proud to offer stainless steel KwikFlanges for our clientele. Should you have a pressing need for other material types, simply reach out to our team at 817-770-0811. When you have an immediate need for KwikFlanges, regardless of the location of your facility, we’re the trusted nationwide supplier.

Technical Specifications and Features

This line of economical, reusable flange fittings is the perfect choice for duct, exhaust, vacuum, and dust control systems that need to support frequent, rapid assembly and disassembly.

KwikFlange Technical Specifications Example:

  • Size: 4-inch to 50-inch
  • Standard Metal Screw Connections
  • Max Temperature: 302 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vacuum Range: 1×10-8 Torr
  • Clamp Type: Hinged with 10-32 Thread
  • Bulkhead Type: Hexagonal Head Bolts

KwikFlange Features Example:

  • Fast Connect and Disconnect
  • Elastomer Gasket Seals
  • Variable Fastening Methods
  • Economical
  • Suitable for Medium and Large Diameter Ducts
  • Standard Metal Screw Connections
  • Ideal for Elevated Installations

Your Source for Economical Flanges

Round Duct System That Does Not Feature the Kwik Flange.

Sturdy Connections Are Indispensable for a Proper Duct System.

At Haltom Industries, our extensive inventory of KwikFlange products makes it easy to find the precise round duct connectors you need for your business. As an economical and dependable choice, you can’t beat the reliability and construction of KwikFlanges for your solid joint connection needs. The availability of other metal choices also make KwikFlanges ideal for environments with exposed ducting. If you worry about the consequences of lost airflow, KwikFlanges provide the perfect answer. If used with an HVAC system, KwikFlanges provide a tight seal at vulnerable seams to ensure steady delivery and even temperature control. As for exhaust or gas delivery systems, the tight connection of a KwikFlange provides for enhanced safety and fewer leaks.

KwikFlanges also provide economical savings in a few different ways. First of all, the products themselves are highly affordable, much more so than comparable selections. You will also enjoy money savings from less wasted air and energy. Leaky ducts can lower the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20 percent. At Haltom Industries, we’re proud to provide an affordable choice with a range of specific variations currently available. As the nationwide leader for duct connectors and accessories, Haltom Industries can ensure a rapid delivery suitable for almost any construction timeline. The next time you need a reliable solution for your business’s duct connections, make sure to choose KwikFlange. To learn more or place an order, reach out to us today at 817-770-0811.