Oval Angle Rings & KwikFlanges

Industrial Oval Duct System

An Oval Duct System Comes with a Range of Benefits.

An oval duct system presents an excellent alternative to rectangular or standard spiral cylinder ducts. Facilities with limited space to accommodate industrial ductwork can opt for oval spirals as an ideal solution. Oval ducts typically are created in two different manners. Some oval ducts are simply circular ducts flattened out to some degree. The second manner of construction shares the same manufacturing process as rolled metal cylinders. Instead of welding two halves of a metal cylinder together, a flat piece of metal is first installed between them. This accomplishes the oval shape popular for ductwork in walls or in areas with limited space above the ceiling.

At Haltom Industries, we can completely cover the connection needs of oval ductwork thanks to our complete selection of duct flanges. We maintain a full inventory of standard-sized oval duct flanges, and can also provide for custom work to satisfy any dimensions. As specialists with oval duct fittings, we can ensure the tight, resilient connections you need for the efficient operation of your HVAC or other duct systems. To learn more about what we offer in regards to oval duct products, or to place an order, simply call us today at 817-770-0811.

Benefits of Oval Ductwork

When the time comes to install a new duct system, there exist several factors to consider. Of course, performance represents the most important characteristic. Regardless of the function of your ductwork, whether it’s to distribute air or gases, you need to have faith in its durability and longevity. From there, you need to consider the elements of:

  • Duct Fabrication
  • Installation Needs
  • Acoustic Properties
  • Price

Fabrication: The most prominent advantage associated with oval ductwork comes from its capability to enable fabrication at longer lengths. As a matter of fact, oval or circular sections can support a length of 12 feet, compared to the mere 5 feet of rectangular ducts. This leads to a reduced number of joints, and fewer opportunities for lost airflow and reduced efficiency. Rectangular ductwork also has a much greater propensity for leaks. Additionally, pressure in a duct system can cause rectangular systems to bulge along the sides, an effect that does not happen with round or oval systems.

Installation: In addition to a reduced number of joints, the length possibilities of oval ducts make them easier and faster to install. Curved expanses offer more strength than flat, which allows for the fabrication of lighter materials that make the installation process even easier. Fewer joints also means fewer flanges and gaskets, which can save on both time and installation costs.

Economics: All of the aforementioned benefits combine to render flat oval ducts much less expensive overall. As a matter of fact, oval ducts can cost as much as 67 percent less than rectangular ducts. For larger systems, this can lead to savings of tens of thousands of dollars.

Acoustic: Duct systems regularly transfer noise from associated fans and motors. The reduction of pressure that leads to a vacuum will also create a distracting sound. Rectangular ducts, in particular, transmit sound very well. If your ducts pass from a noisy environment to a quieter one, you can expect rectangular ducts to project the transferred sound. Flat oval and circular ducts transmit less sound, and can benefit from insulation to reduce noise even further.

Your Source for Oval Duct Flanges

Oval Duct Under Inspection

Our Team Can Readily Help Define Your Duct Needs.

Fittings for oval ducts represent another component of our full selection of HVAC duct products. The most common type of oval duct, the flat oval spiral pipe, is fabricated with either locked or welded seams. End treatments for these ducts can include two of our specialty products: angle rings and KwikFlanges. We offer components compatible with a range of oval ducts constructed from the following materials and lengths.

  • Galvanized Steel: 26-16 Gauge
  • Paint Grip: 24-18 Gauge
  • PVS: 24-16 Gauge
  • Aluminum: .032 to .073
  • Stainless Steel: 24-20 Gauge

The connectors we offer for a oval duct system seal tightly and provide for heightened energy efficiency. As with all of our products, you can count on quality materials and construction.

Slip Connector: These sized couplings fit within the mating pipes to provide a secure, stable connection. A stop bead allows for the centering of the coupling, and sheet metal screws through the mating pipes, into the slip connector provide reinforced strength.

KwikFlange: One of our premier products, the KwikFlange coupling, can come pre-installed on oval ducts, or provided loose for on-site installation. A pair of flanges and a clamp make up this product, which installs quickly and easily. The installer must simply attach the flanges to either paired duct, place the gasket on one side, and then connect each section with the provided clamp.

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A Haltom Industries, we’re your expert provide for oval angle rings and KwikFlanges. The choice of oval ductwork is a smart one, as it can ideally serve the needs of companies with space restrictions. To ensure the proper connection and energy efficiency of your system, trust us for the supply or your flanges. To learn more about our company or place an order for oval duct components, give us a call today at 817-770-0811.