What Is the Best Gasket Material?

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The Right Materials for Your Needs

Owning a high-demand appliance or vehicle means that you are going to be responsible for quite a bit. It’s not enough to take care of the exterior, but all the interior moving parts as well. One piece of equipment that many hear about but may not fully understand is the gasket. This is a piece of rubber or rubber-like material, that is used to help lock and seal certain junctions in your ductwork, your car engine, or in other areas. It’s used to seal the connection between two adjoining pipes and is much more necessary than you may be aware of. This simple piece of material helps to prevent leaks and other catastrophic events. For more information about gaskets and gasket material in , TX, dial 817-770-0811 to connect with Haltom Industries today.

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How to Choose Gasket Material

What actually is a gasket? This a piece of material or rubber that is placed as a seal between two flat surfaces. There are many gasket types and materials because there can be a need for one in several different appliances. A gasket may be needed to seal two joining pipes. Gaskets are often used in vehicle engines for sealing purposes. 

For homes and office spaces, the most common areas you’ll need a gasket are in your plumbing or in the ductwork. In these conditions and spaces, the best option you might need is EPDM gaskets. These are rubber-like pieces that provide incredible sealing and compression ability. What that means is, they will be able to be flexible when necessary, but still durable when necessary. 

So how do you pick the right one? Well, finding the right gasket is going to depend on what your needs are. If you need a gasket for ductwork, you are going to want something that is flexible and has the ability to compress easily. You don’t want something with little to no give. If you need a gasket for your car engine, you are going to need something that can withstand high temperatures and potentially harmful chemicals. That gasket needs to be able to handle all of that and last. Choosing a gasket material is like choosing an air conditioning company in Salt Lake City, UT. You could pick the first one that catches your eye, or you could rely on expert knowledge.

Different Gasket Material Types

Just as there are several options for gasket types, there just as many options for materials. It can seem overwhelming trying to find the right type while making sure it is made from quality gasket materials. That’s why it’s best to rely on expert contractors and technicians when you can. For that, you can always turn to Haltom Industries for help. 

  • Cork: These gaskets are highly compressible and flexible, making them perfect for situations involving oil, fuel, or solvents. When combined with elastomer bindings, a cork gasket can provide incredible sealing ability. 
  • Metal: Metal gaskets are heavy duty and able to withstand high-intensity temperatures, exposure, and chemicals without risking damage. They are often used in turbines, exchangers, compressors and more. 
  • Rubber: Rubber gaskets are flexible, pliable, and incredibly reliable. They are used in a variety of household uses including ductwork and other areas. Rubber is great for preventing liquids from leaking.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as your budget, the cost for any gasket material is going to vary. If you are working with a contractor, there will more than likely be service fees included in the price, but generally speaking, the price for gaskets is relatively low. When it comes down to the how, as in how to choose a gasket material, that is also going to depend on your needs. Connect with a Haltom Industries today to learn more about gaskets and what you need for your home. Dial 817-770-0811 to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is gasket material made of?
    • Gaskets are typically made from flat sheets of materials such as paper, rubber, silicone, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass, Teflon, or plastic polymers. 
  • What are the different types of gaskets?
    • There are gaskets for piping, gaskets for cars, gaskets with certain material properties such as cork or felt, and gaskets used for a specific purpose. 
  • What is EPDM gasket?
    • It is a regular gasket that is rubber-like in appearance and material. This gives it more than adequate ability for compression as well as the ability to effectively seal certain junctions.
  • What are metal gaskets used for?
    • These gaskets are typically used in petrochemical applications. When used in conjunction with a soft sealing graphite, the two create a high-intensity, high-strength gasket that won’t leak. 
  • Why is a gasket used?
    • Usually, a gasket is used or needed to help provide sealing between two plumbing pipes. Gaskets can also be used to seal boilers and fuel tanks. Generally, they are used to provide sealing purposes for areas of concern.
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