Why Use Oval Duct

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Why use oval duct

When installing ductwork in your facility, you have a variety of options available to you including rectangular ductwork, spiral cylinder ducts and oval ductwork. Many businesses and manufacturers are beginning  to choose oval ductwork over other systems. Below is a list of reasons why you might consider oval ducts for your facility’s HVAC system.

Reasons to use oval ductwork

  • Improved air flow: Oval or round ducts can be longer and require fewer joints, which improves air flow and energy efficiency.
  • Ease and speed of installation: Because oval ducts require fewer joints, they are easier and faster to install.
  • Less expensive: Not only are oval ducts easier to install, they also cost less to install. You can save as much as 67% on installation over other types of duct systems.
  • Less noise production: Oval ducts transfer less noise from fans and motors than other duct systems. The noise can be further reduced with insulation.

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What are the types of ducts?

Ducts are classified as either conditioned air ducts, recirculating air ducts or fresh-air ducts. Conditioned air ducts send the air from the air conditioner to the conditioned area, while recirculating ducts take the air back to the air conditioner. Fresh air ducts are used to circulate fresh air into the air conditioning system from outside.

The ducts usually have one of three configurations: round, square or rectangular. Round or oval ductwork tends to be the most efficient when it comes to airflow, but rectangular or square ducts tend to fit better above ceilings or inside walls.

How are ducts made?

Whether oval ductwork or rectangular ductwork, the ducts can be made from a range of materials, though traditionally they are made from sheet metal. Some of the materials available are galvanized steel and aluminum, fiberglass and plastic. The material is shaped into ducts using automated machines. The shaping process will vary depending on the type of duct made. Oval metal ductwork is more common than fiberglass or plastic.

What is rectangular duct?

Rectangular ducts are commonly used in commercial buildings, although oval ductwork and round ducts are also beginning to be used more frequently. As the name suggests, rectangular ducts are shaped into rectangles. It often requires several joints to install, which can decrease air flow, but fits well inside walls and on ceilings and adapts easily to various building heights. These ducts can create a warmer indoor environment, and require less maintenance than round or oval ducts. 

Why ducts are normally rectangular cross section?

If you have rectangular air ducts, cross sections will also be rectangular so the sections will fit together correctly. While oval ductwork is becoming more and more popular, many duct systems in place are rectangular. Sometimes rectangular ducts will be required because of the building’s height. They also often fit more easily in walls or on ceilings, and connect better to the main duct. 

Is round ductwork better than rectangular?

Round or oval ductwork is generally overall a better choice for a duct system over rectangular ductwork. Oval duct air flow tends to be better than that of rectangular ducts, making the oval ducts much more efficient. They also tend to cost less than rectangular ducts, and are easier to install. When you’re designing a workspace, round ducts are recommended because they are much quieter than rectangular ductwork. 

While generally better than rectangular ducts, round ducts do have their disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that they take up more height than rectangular ducts. They won’t fit it tight spaces. In some cases, it may also be difficult for round ducts to fit onto the main duct. They are also less efficient with low pressure systems.

Although rectangular ducts fit better in tighter spots, they also make much more noise than round ducts, which can be a big disadvantage, especially if you are specifically trying to make a quiet work area. They also require more material and more joints which makes them cost more to buy and install.

While round ducts have more advantages, what sort of system you choose may depend on your building itself, especially if there are height restrictions to consider. Your HVAC system will also determine the type of ducts you’ll need. Some systems will just work better with one or the other types of ducts.

Whichever type of ductwork you choose, you will need to keep it clean and free of clogs for the HVAC system to run smoothly. Keeping ducts clean is as important as getting rid of clogs in your plumbing system. There are plenty of highly skilled plumbers for clogged drain cleaning in Mesquite, TX, and in the surrounding areas for you to choose from.

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Oval duct manufacturer

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