Nationwide Distributor of Angle Rings

Haltom Industries is a national leader in the production and supply of angle rings, KwikFlanges, and other components of heavy-duty duct systems. Exceptional workmanship, superior customer service, and rapid delivery times act as the chief goals we pursue across every client partnership. For any needs that you have for duct connectors, gasket seals, blast gates, or custom metal roller work, we’re the team to trust. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing processes, we can additionally provide unbeatable prices across our massive inventory of angle rings.

KwikFlanges, Custom Metal Rolling, & More

In addition to our angle ring production, we offer a broad variety of additional services and products. Across everything we produce and offer, you can count on exceptional craftsmanship and heightened durability.

KwikFlanges: An economical solution for round duct connections, KwikFlanges provide a solid alternative for systems where angle ring or slip-fit connectors are not suitable. If you want to save money across your medium or large diameter system, you can’t beat KwikFlanges.

Custom Rolled Metal: Our ability to produce custom rolled metal allows us to provide for practically any fabrication. Though we specialize in the production of angle rings, our services extend to the creation of cylinders for piping and much, much more.

Oval Angle Ring and KwikFlanges: If you have an oval duct system, we can provide the specialized connections you need for efficient airflow. Our oval angle rings are available at any conceivable size, and benefit from the same specialized processes that we use for our standard angle ring. If your prefer KwikFlanges, we can additionally supply these for your oval system.

Gaskets: For a reliable and airtight seal, you need to pair your angle rings with gaskets. We offer a full range of standard sizes, and can also provide custom-sized gaskets to employ with your custom angle ring order.

Blast Gates: Our blast gates can serve a variety of purposes, from the creation of vacuums to expel dust and debris, to the channeling of airflow to a specific area, Haltom Industries has the blast gates your duct system needs. Whether you need to retrofit your existing system, or have blast gates included in your new installation, we’ve got you covered.

  • Angle Rings We offer angle rings in any size you could possibly need. As an efficient and effective way to connect industrial ducts, you can’t beat angle rings.
  • KwikFlanges An economical alternative to angle rings, KwikFlanges are an excellent choice for medium to large applications.
  • Custom Rolled Metal Our team has the capability to create custom-sized angle rings, along with many other products.
  • Oval Angle and KwikFlanges If you have oval air ducts, we’ve got the oval angle rings and KwikFlanges you need for secure connections.
  • Gaskets To ensure an airtight seal and optimized air flow, we offer gaskets sized to meet any angle ring.
  • Blast Gates Blast gates can allow for total control over your facility’s airflow, and come in both half and whole-sized varieties.

The Nationwide Angle Ring and KwikFlange Solution

Though we specialize in angle ring sales and production, we have the capability to perform a host of duct-related services. The next time you need the construction or installation of an industrial duct system of any variety, reach out to our team. We will provide the angle rings or KwikFlanges you need for secure connections and efficient airflow. The team at Haltom Industries stands ready to serve, so give us a call today at 817-770-0811.